"Teaching boys to become men has been boosted by R.E.A.L. man books and information.  Discussions and tests has open up so many hearts and minds to leadership, fatherhood, husbandry and so on. Use this information, and let's make boy's,  MEN!!!!"

Daniel Buggs

Atlanta, GA

“Our development as men is shaped by our thoughts and actions. All of us have behavior characters which are good and bad. The R.E.A.L. Man program fuels and feeds the best in each of us.”

Elisha ‘Cadillac’ Harris

Football Coach at Indian River High School, Chesapeake, VA

"The R.E.A.L. Man Program has had a huge impact on kids I have coached. There are so many misconceptions in the world about what a R.E.A.L. man looks like. We are able to take this program and teach them the qualities of a man. This program helps our student-athletes to make better decisions when they are in the classroom and in the community. They are less impulsive when faced with a tough decision. We talk about the program changing them from the inside out. We use the program to build their core foundation. When faced with adversity they can look to their core to be able to make the best decision." 

"Coaching is about so much more than winning games. It is about helping the young men we coach to be better fathers and husbands. We want them to be able to be great role models and leaders for the next generation. The tools we give them through The R.E.A.L. Man Program will set them up for success throughout their lives."

James Vint

Offensive Line Coach at Estacado High School

"Being a recipient of the REAL Man program has been an honor as I have implemented this acronym into my daily life choices. As I continue to grow and be a leader within my community, on the field, and most of all when no one is around. I exemplify REAL Man attributes by having a work ethic second
to none, commanding respect and sacrificing for others. Thank you to the REAL Man."

Gerald Hearns

FAU Football Player

"The R.E.A.L Man program has had a big impact on my team, especially in the area of educating the boys on the causes and the prevention of domestic abuse. Our boys have learned to respect women and girls and to treat them with honor and respect"

Darren Hernandez
Kapolei High School Head Football Coach

"As a coach, my mission is to help raise the quality of this world, by helping to raise the quality of the individuals who live in this world."  
-Founder, Coach Frank D.B. DiCocco

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