"As a coach, my mission is to help raise the quality of this world, by helping to raise the quality of the individuals who live in this world."  
-Founder, Coach Frank D.B. DiCocco

Providing character development programs and need-based scholarships to schools  across the US


R.E.A.L. Man Baseball Cap. Features "REAL Man" Paw logo with the text underneath that reads: "Stand Up and Stand Tall: Be a REAL Man!"

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The REAL Man Program Workbook contains more than 100 pages of handouts, flyers, exercises, and worksheets that correspond with The REAL Man Program lesson plans. The Workbook is a great resource for teachers, coaches, youth-group leaders, and other youth-oriented professionals. It also makes a great classroom resource for students, allowing them to interactively engage in The REAL Man Program.



"Playbook for Manhood, a Game Plan for Being a REAL Man", condensed version.


general publications


R.E.A.L. Man Wristbands designed by Coach Frank DiCocco.




INTRODUCTION FROM FRANK DICOCCO: I began writing the “Thought of the Week” letters several years ago, in an effort to pass on worthwhile life lessons to others. From humble beginnings, the “Thought of the Week” grew from a small weekly audience into an international phenomenon, reaching thousands of people across the world each week. Over the years, I have written hundreds of reflections. I have poured my heart, mind, and soul into these writings, all with the hopes that they might influence the lives of all those who read them. Now, I have taken the opportunity to compile many of these reflections into this very book, so that thousands of more lives hopefully may benefit from the teachings. It is with this hope that I present this book to you, the inquisitive and interested reader, with the sincerest of desires that you find insight, meaning, and value in the lessons that follow on the ensuing pages. I began writing the weekly letters to provide helpful and inspiring perspectives on life. My goal was to make a difference in people's lives. Hopefully, I have done so. My hope was to impact the lives of countless people. Hopefully, I have made a difference in the lives of many, through my words and through my work. And hopefully, I will make a difference in your life, as well.

ABOUT “RAISING AWARENESS & PROMOTING RESPECT" RESOURCE MANUAL: Raising Awareness & Promoting Respect is a comprehensive resource manual designed to help raise awareness, promote dialogue, and encourage positive action in response to the issues of Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence. The resource manual is meant to provide educators & coaches with a diverse array of tools to confront these serious social issues and to help inspire campus-wide & community-wide change as a result. The Raising Awareness & Promoting Respect resource manual is divided into two main sections: The first section is dedicated entirely to the issue of Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention. The second is dedicated to raising awareness about the issue of Domestic Violence. The manual includes six distinct character-development programs, along with a number of suggestions for social-action campaigns & awareness-raising ideas.

The character programs & initiatives include:
• “Raising Awareness” – A Series of Lessons for Honoring & Respecting Women
• “Be Safe & Be Smart” – Understanding the Basics of Consent
• “Respecting & Protecting Women” – Lessons & Curriculum for Being a Gentleman
• “Always Do the Right Thing” – Lesson Plans For Making Good Decisions
• “Keep Your Cool” – Tips & Techniques for Managing Anger & Maintaining Composure
• “A Program for Violence Prevention” – Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention Raising Awareness & Promoting Respect

ABOUT "WOTAO: The Way of Truth and Oneness" WOTAO (pronounced as “woetay—oh”) is an acronym that stands for the phrase: “Way of Truth and Oneness” WOTAO is a practical and personal spiritual discipline that is intended for all people. It strives to provide an understanding of the Truth and Oneness that lies at the heart of all humanity and at the foundation of all of creation. WOTAO: "A Better Way for A Better World."

ALWAYS HOPE: A COLLECTION OF INSIGHTS, PRAYERS, & BLESSINGS is a compilation filled with hopeful thoughts and words of wisdom. It is meant for anyone in need of a little hope, and perhaps, a little help. Truly, we could all use a little hope.

THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF CHARACTER: “The Building Blocks of Character” are designed to help individuals and teams reach their absolute full potential, perform at their absolute highest level, and to achieve personal and collective excellence along the way. There are 21 specific traits (known as “The Building Blocks”), each accompanied by an informative character lesson discussing the importance of developing and displaying the trait. In addition, every character trait comes with its own special “block” that is meant to be cut-out and posted prominently on display. Collectively, the Building Blocks comprise a Character Pyramid that helps to reinforce the valuable lessons learned from each and every character trait. The Building Blocks of Character Team Workbook & Discussion Guide is a great resource for teams of any sport, and groups of any nature. The character blocks can be taught daily, weekly, or monthly, creating positive and powerful themes for your team, group, or organization.


The Complete Playbook For Manhood

In sports and in life, a young man receives all kinds of instructional manuals and materials, however, a young man never receives a manual for how to be and become a man. Until Now. Playbook for Manhood: A Game Plan for Being a REAL Man provides a complete game plan for how to be a REAL Man in today's society. It promotes a message of respect, honor, commitment, and integrity.  Playbook for Manhood offers information, insights, and advice on how to be a real man, by spelling out the four main components of what truly constitutes a "real man" in today's society: R-espect all people, E-specially women. A-lways do the right thing. L-ive a life that matters. Playbook for Manhood offers a complete game plan for how to be a REAL Man. Inside the pages of the Playbook, you will find valuable life lessons, countless pieces of priceless advice, and hundreds of practical tips for living the life of a real man.

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R.E.A.L. Man Short-Sleeve Polo in white or royal blue. 50% cotton, 50% polyester.

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The REAL Man Program Consists of:

• 20 Separate Lessons • 8 Bonus Lessons • More than 100 “downs” (or “mini-lessons) • Group Exercises and Discussion Questions • Personal Reflection Questions • Writing Assignments and Journaling Opportunities • The Official REAL Man Program Workbook • Dozens of Worksheets, Exercises, and Take-Home Assignments • Handouts, Flyers, and Signs for the Locker Room and the Classroom

The REAL Man Program Is Designed For:

• Young men from middle-school through high-school ages, and beyond • Youth development programs and initiatives • Youth groups and church-organizations • CHAMPS Life Skills and Character Education programming • College residential life programming • Men’s Book Study groups, and other study-based programming • Athletes and non-athletes alike • People of all cultures, races, religions, and beliefs.



Playbook for Manhood: The 2-Minute Drill Book

The 2-minute Drill Book provides a strategic game plan for how to be a REAL Man in today's society, in a clear, concise, and conveniently-sized book.The 2-Minute Drill provides all the same life-changing messages as the original Playbook for Manhood, but in a much more concise and easy-to-carry booklet. Inside its pages, you will find valuable life lessons, countless pieces of priceless advice, and a variety of practical tips for living the life of a real man.

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