3rd annual CIGAR & Bourbon tasting

thursday, August 23, 2016
in prospect, CT

4Th annual Florida Wine tasting

tuesday, March 9, 2017
in palm Beach, FL

THIRD annual florida wine tasting

thursday, march 10, 2016
in palm beach, fl

second annual florida wine tasting

wednesday, march 18, 2015
in palm beach, fl

jackie rogers benefit night

thursday, january 29th, 2015
in palm beach, fl

cigar tasting

tuesday, august 26, 2014
at aria
in prospect, ct

new york city cocktail fundraiser

thursday, september 18, 2014
at the leonora
in new york, ny

second annual conn. wine tasting

thursday, october 2, 2014
at avon old farms
in avon, ct

event photos

ellen lurie school concert

friday, june 13, 2014
at public school 5
in new york, ny

inaugural florida wine tasting

thursday, march 6, 2014
in west palm beach, fl

New orleans charitable fundraiser

saturday, june 14, 2014
at the crossing
in kenner, LA
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