"As a coach, my mission is to help raise the quality of this world, by helping to raise the quality of the individuals who live in this world."  
-Founder, Coach Frank D.B. DiCocco

Providing character development programs and need-based scholarships to schools  across the US

testimonials about coach frank d. dicocco

Endorsed by Joe Ehrmann in Coach for America's newsletter, with a subscription base of 5,000 recipients nationwide. Coach for America is an organization run by Mr. Ehrmann, a former NFL defensive lineman that looks to help men, women, and children to reach their greatest potential in life.

"60 players on the freshman football team and Frank DiCocco got to know everyone in that one year and treated us like sons. Never had a better coach or role model. Your mission will be carried on, Coach."

​~ Alex Knight

"One of the realest and thoughtful coaches I've ever had, in football and in life. You were one of the only people that got through to me at my darkest point..."

~David Hobbs Jr.

"Frank DiCocco: thank you for showing me the blue print to teach young men. I hope to carry on your message with your same commitment & dedication..."

~Brian Lacey

"Frank was a positive inspiration to many young men over the years...it is hard to believe he was able to reach so many already at the age of 29..."

~Carl O. Patton

"Coach DiCocco's legacy of outstanding service to athletes, students, communities and men everywhere will be forever remembered and carried forward through coaches and people everywhere."

​~Coach Bill Keesee

"Coach DiCocco was my high school coach when I attended PVI. He was a great man and a few years ago became a huge asset to me in my quest to become a college lacrosse coach by giving me advice and a helping hand as I planned out my path through college. I will always remember him as the most excited football coach who loved to come to work everyday and because he showed it, it got the best out of us."

~John Thomas Grady

"Although I was never fortunate enough to have met [Frank] personally, having read one of his books I learned of his passion, intelligence and extreme caring for today's youth..."

~Coach Al Golden

"Frank has figured out what Purpose is all about and how we can make the most amount of impact in people's life and in the world. I think the things Frank was doing were very transformational and so important to our society. I want his legacy to continue through this work...[and] keep his legacy alive and spread the REAL man initiative throughout the country."

~Coach Marc Matthie